Corporate & Business

Corporate Counseling

Corporate counseling services provides your business with the necessary legal resources to protect your business investment and ensure corporate compliance. Dugas Law Firm, LLC advises its clients in all stages of business formation, development and growth.

Business Liability

Dugas Law Firm, LLC helps your business assess risk and develop comprehensive risk management policies to reduce exposure in employee related claims. DLF counsels companies, third party administrators and insurance companies in employee related claims such as workers' compensation cases. As a Louisiana licenses private investigator, Maria Dugas has worked extensively with insurance companies, third party administrators and business owners in distinguishing between genuine claims and deceptive claims.

General Business Litigation

Maria Dugas counsels clients in business related matters to avoid possible litigation. If your business is involved in litigation, Dugas Law Firm, LLC is ready to provide comprehensive legal services to defend your business and protect your investment.

Family Law

Marital Agreements
Spousal Support
Community Property
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support

Dugas Law Firm, LLC provides a wide variety of

family law services that can assist your family in 

difficult times. For specific details about these

Family Law services, click here. 

Estate Planning | Wills | Successions

Living Trusts
Last Will & Testament
Power of Attorneys
Declarations ("Living Wills")
Guardianship & Tutorship of minor children

Criminal Defense

Aggressive, thorough defense.

Criminal allegations can have a devastating impact on all aspects of your life. If you are under investigation, have been arrested or charged with a crime, the decisions and statements that you make at this time may permanently damage your defense and impact the outcome of your case.  REMAIN SILENT! Any reasons, excuses or justifications that you feel compelled to share with the police may hurt your case. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, and exercise them to protect yourself until legal counsel is available.

Sometimes, a "plea of guilty" may seem like an easy way out of the chaos of the criminal process. However, a "plea" made in haste may have serious ramifications against you in the future in terms of finding a job, possible sentencing as a habitual offender or limiting your rights to bear arms. The criminal process can be complex and confusing. You need an attorney to protect your rights and provide a vigorous defense for you.

Areas of Practice

Broader perspective. Resourceful Representation.