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Concierge Legal Services are available to a limited number of clients at a low flat monthly rate.

Initial Consultation - Initially, Maria will meet with you to discuss you business operations.

Annual Review - Each year, Maria will conduct a thorough review of your business operations. Maria can assist you in drafting policies and agreements.

Check-ins - By checking in at scheduled intervals, we're able to take the pulse of your business and assist you with any legal issues early before they develop into costly problems.

Member Pricing - Additional legal services beyond the Concierge Legal Plan are available to Concierge Members at discounted rates.

Business: Concierge Legal Services

Dugas Law Firm understands that successful companies use legal services on a regular basis to minimize risk, educate personnel, and operate within the bounds of the laws that are always changing. While large companies may have in-house attorneys, small companies typically use attorneys reactively to solve problems instead of proactively to prevent problems. Maria Dugas strives to be a resource for companies of all sizes for various legal needs.

Dugas Law Firm's Concierge Legal Services is simply here to serve your business needs at a low flat monthly rate. Maria ensures that our clients get more value and spend less. As a client, your time and energy are our priority. Dugas Law Firm strives to make our clients' life easier and schedule more manageable by offering consultations at our client's place of business, home or centrally located meeting point.

Maria Dugas is a seasoned legal professional. As a licensed private investigator since 1997, Maria has been on the front lines of defending companies facing issues of liability. She understands the key to a successful business is limiting the risk by exposing the truth on claims or potential liability facing companies. In providing companies with the tools to defend their business investment, she has been entenched in field surveillance in connection with workers' compensation and insurance defense investigations. Maria knows first hand how to help protect your investment.

Now, as an attorney, Maria has the legal knowledge and skills to help companies reduce the risk of financial exposure by frequently counseling businesses on important legal matters. Maria is an attorney who sees the law differently and chooses to focus her practice on personal service to clients. Our Concierge Legal Services will make the attorney-client relationship a real relationship built on trust. Read more.

Dugas Law Firm's Concierge Legal Services provides your company with access to a seasoned legal professional whose depth and diversity in the legal field give her a unique perspective on legal matters. Broader Perspective, Resourceful Representation!

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Concierge Legal Services

Dugas Law Firm is introducing a unique brand of legal services. Concierge Legal Services is a low flat fee monthly service that enables business owners unfettered access to the legal services of an attorney whenever the need arises without fear of the time meter running beyond their budget.

Concierge Legal Services is designed for businesses to seek legal advice at affordable rates. Dugas Law Firm offers several plans that entitle clients to a certain amount of legal services, telephone conferences or in-person meetings each month. The various levels of Concierge Legal Services are available to accommodate different budgets and legal needs of its clients. If your legal needs exceed the Concierge Legal Service Plan, then additional legal services are performed at discounted rates.

Dugas Law Firm limits the number of concierge clients so that we can continue to provide premium personalized and customized legal services to all Concierge Legal Clients. Dugas Law Firm adds value to our clients' representations with excellent customer service, attention to detail, and prioritizing each client.