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If You Have Not Registered Your Online Account, click here and send a message requesting access to documents and bills online.  You will receive an e-mail informing you of a new shared document or bill to view.  You will need to choose and enter a secure password twice, and agree to the terms of service, before being permitted to register.

Once You Have Set Up Your Online Account, you can visit your personal and secure client case management portal at any time by clicking on the link above or by visiting https://app.goclio.com/session/new from any computer.  When there is a new document or bill to share with you, you will get an e-mail notification sent directly from our office to the e-mail address we have on file.

Accessing Documents.
Clio Connect allows you to access documents that Dugas Law Firm has made available to you at any time, day or night.  When a document is made available for you to view through Clio Connect, you will receive an email directly from Clio Connect prompting you to log in and view your document. 

Uploading Documents.
One of the most convenient features of Clio Connect is that it provides you with a secure way to send large files or documents that may contain sensitive data, such as social security numbers, directly to Dugas Law Firm.  You can easily upload your documents by logging in to your Clio Connect account, and our office will receive a notification that the documents are waiting.  Instead of emailing screen shots of text messages or your sensitive documents, client now have the ability to place your information directly into your case file.  Once your documents are placed in the file, a notice will be sent to me.

Downloading and Paying Bills.
Unless other billing arrangements have been made, Dugas Law Firm will make your invoices available to you via Clio Connect.  Once a bill has been sent through Clio Connect, it will be stored like any other document and you will be able to access it at any time.  You can even pay your bill by credit or debit card directly through Clio Connect by entering in the billing information requested on your bill.  Payments through Clio are powered by LawPay which provides a secure link for online payment of bills through your Clio Connect file or on our website. Type your paragraph here.

Client Access: Clio Connect Portal
Dugas Law Firm offers each client a secure virtual platform to view and access their case documents, court filings, notices, calendar, and bills. Now, your client file is at your finger tips 24/7. "Clio Connect" gives clients the ability to view documents, upload documents for viewing, view important case deadlines, and view and pay invoices, all in a secure SSL encrypted online environment that preserves important attorney-client privileges. Clio Connect enables clients to use online bill-paying. 

Clio automatically sends clients a link to an outstanding invoice, and the client can easily pay the bill 
(invoice) via LawPay using a credit card.If you have already registered your online account, click on the link below to log in to your secure client case management portal:Type your paragraph here.


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